Wanted to share this photo as it shows the last 2 models of C.O.E that Ford made. hard to believe that the C.L. followed the W series. A world of difference between the 2.  My 1975 W9000 and a buddys 1986 CL 9000. The W 9000 has well over a million miles and the CL 9000 has just a million on it.

I had just got back from the Canadian border in this picture. Picked up a Mack B 61 heavy . We put on about 500 miles that day and the old W 9000 did a fine job, averaged 6.5 m.p.g. Like I said  I enjoy using old trucks to collect old trucks.  Have to go to Binghamton, N.Y. soon to retrive my Walters that I bought. Still not sure which truck to take, might be fun to listen to a 8v71 Detroit. 

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