This truck belongs to a friend of ours. He's proud of this 1986 Ford CL 9000. Dan's first truck was one of these.  This one has a 400 B model cat, 13 spd. w/ 3.55 rears on air ride. Does not have air ride cab yet. But  Dan & Smedly say it will soon. This truck worked for some famous people. It was originally bought by country singer Lee Greenwood along with its sister truck. Later it worked hauling many famous people's stage equipment, like Frank Sinatra and many more.  Update on this truck is they decided to not install the full air ride cab set up as this truck was special ordered without it

Even the plow truck i drive is a cabover. I bought this 1982 IH 9670 out of V.T. Dan pulled the engine and trans out for one of his trucks and repowered it with a 350 Cummins & a 10 spd. I plow left lane with it. I really like it for plowing, good heat, rides nice, and a place to nap.

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