1981    KW  K100. 110" aerodyne.  3406 A cat 380 Hp, 15 spd, Pete air ride. runs good goes down the road well even with the odd  ball tires. Has Jake, bunk beds, even has the floor to ceiling curtains. Interior is excellent shape. Just has the 70's green color.  Cab goes up down fine.

 1973 KW K 100. This truck is kind of special. It has 220,000 original miles. Cat 1693 w/aftercooler & williams exhaust brake, 13 spd w/pto. Truck has torision bar susp that is in good shape. Hyd P.S. A.C. Truck appears to have been well cared for. we are 2nd owners. Interior is in great shape. Engine has spun #1 rod bearing. No idea why. The gentleman who owned it died so we cant ask him. Original bumper with ser # in it. This truck deserves a second life.

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