A work in progress. A 1978 k100 dbl. bunk. Now has a silver 8v92 Detroit @ 475 H.P. 13 Spd. 4.33 on air ride. Very nice interior! Truck was stretched to 212 w.b. was a former potato/ horse hauler. Previous owner said he had a lot of fun with this truck running up and down the eastern seaboard and to western states. Thanks to Kriz Farms. 

1979 Pete 352 350 big cam Cummins, 13 SPD. air ride. If this truck could talk it would cry. We know the last 3 owners. It hasn’t led a charmed life but it still goes up and down the road. The last owner told us "it use a little water, about a gallon for every 12 pack." I think it needs line bored, but like the last owner, just add water and go.

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