This truck started the collection, a 1972 white or some folks called them a "Japanese freightliner", it has a small cam Cummins 335 h.p., 13 spd, Hendrickson susp., 4.44 ratio. it has a.c. but not working. We changed fuel tanks. Dan use to haul shavings out of Maine to mass. with it. There‚Äôs a real interesting story about bringing this one home.  To read "the rest of the story", to quote Paul Harvey go to page 9.

1975 Ford W 9000, small cam Cummins 350+ RTO 9513 speed trans., hyd. power steering, Hendrickson susp. w/easy ride  4.44 ratio. Mileage? Well, this truck has plenty of experience hauling hay out of Canada and the roads of Maine.  We are the 3rd owners. 2nd owner bought truck when it was only a year & half old.  Truck is a real strong runner. The former owners had a fleet of all cat powered trucks w/400 H.P. This old ford would embarrass them. We still use it to haul our pulling tractors

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